AmaDema focuses on the enhancement of technical fabrics and prepregs to be used in fiber reinforced composites. Overall, AmaDema deals with the design and manufacturing of advanced composite materials, by identifying the problems and needs of customers in a variety of industries such as aviation, defence, sports, automotive, shipping etc. and by providing them with a variety of material services and product solutions in the field of materials.

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Our Vision

Respecting and adding value to people’s everyday life through innovation, research, development, and manufacturing of high-tech products

Our Mission

AmaDema aims for reliability. AmaDema is committed to achieve the highest level of quality in order to establish high-performing advanced material products in niche applications worldwide, and maximizing its own as well as its customers profits.

Our Goals are to

Develop and manufacture novel smart textiles for advanced composite applications
Develop and manufacture novel and tailor-made advanced composite materials
Establish an Industrial Research and Development Center in South East Europe for Design and Processing of Advanced Textiles for Composite Materials
Put Cyprus on the world map of composite material innovative products

Our History

AmaDema launched its activity in Nov 2015. The last years AmaDema has:

  1. Increased the readiness of its spearhead product, NanoWeld®, bringing it to the market
  2. Won international recognition through significant awards
  3. Developed a strong, well-equipped R&D team
  4. Secured R&D and Customer projects with total value of more than €3.500.000,00
  5. Won credibility among its first customers
  6. In September 2020, AmaDema moved to its new industrial premises

Our People

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