How it works

NanoWeld® Dry Fabric

NanoWeld® in its final form is a dry fabric. NanoWeld® Technology enhances the mechanical performance of commercially available technical fabrics, such as carbon, with the use of reinforced nanofibers.

The Technology


The spearhead technology developed by AmaDema is the technology of NanoWeld®. Inspired by the fractal structures found in nature, such as the feather, NanoWeld creates a scaled geometry from lamina to lamina increasing the performance of polymer composite multilayer structures.This scaled geometry “from the macro- to the micro- and to the nano- reinforcement” through the thickness of the multilayer composite is responsible for the creation of additional effective load-transfer mechanisms within the end-composite product resulting in highly increased strength.



Any type of fabric (carbon, aramid, glass, etc.) at any type of knitting (UD, woven, biaxial, etc.) can be enhanced through NanoWeld® Technology. This enhancement takes place in three phases:


Nano Creation

Nanoparticle-reinforced Nanofibers are created in the form of an ultra-thin and fine nonwoven nanofabric through the process of high-end electrospinning.


Nano Insertion

Nonwoven nanofabrics are inserted on top and on the bottom surface of the dry fabric to be enhanced in a sandwich configuration.


Nano Consolidation

The sandwich configuration undergoes a process of ultrasonic welding or thermo-compression in a desired pattern. The resulted sandwiched fabric is still a dry fabric that can be further impregnated or used in fabrication techniques, such as vacuum assisted hand lay-up or resin infusion, like any other dry fabric.

The technology is offered either through direct orders from our facility or through a licensing business model


When applied in technical fabrics, NanoWeld® technology enhances mechanical performance in terms of tensile strength, fracture toughness, impact resistance, dumping and more. This enhancement depends on the fabric to be enhanced as well as on the nanofiber specifications to be used (polymer precursor, nano-reinforcement, nanofabric thickness, nanofabric grammage etc.).

For instance, a 200 gsm non-crimp uni-directional carbon fabric processed with NanoWeld® Technology can enhance composite’s young modulus up to 7%, fracture toughness mode I up to 100%, fracture toughness mode II up to 300%, and impact-compression after impact up to 80%

How can we help you?

  • Textile or prepreg manufacturers

    At AmaDema, we do our best to satisfy our customers through the following steps:

    1. NanoWeld® Technology is offered through a licensing scheme that its final form is decided together with the customer
    2. Mainly, the two last phases of NanoWeld® Technology are offered to the customer within an add-on machine-box that is adjustable to any fabric or prepreg manufacturing line under a framework of a licensing agreement
    3. Maintenance of the machine-box is also provided on a yearly basis
    4. Phase one of NanoWeld® Technology is kept in house. AmaDema provides nanofabric to either technical fabric or prepreg manufacturers on their demand
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  • Composite part manufacturers

    At AmaDema, we do our best to satisfy our customers through the following steps:

    1. Understand the problem of our customers and their need for use of materials with higher performance
    2. Based on their need and the property to be enhanced, we consult our customers with potential alternatives in terms of the polymers and the nanoparticles to be used within the nanofabric
    3. If needed, we also consult our customer with potential modifications in the design of their application to adopt NanoWeld® Technology
    4. The technical fabric that the customer uses for the application is sent to AmaDema, it undergoes NanoWeld®-enhancement, and it is shipped to the customer for final application