Carbon-NanoWeld is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (Project: ENTERPRISE/0916/0030)”. The project was launched in May 1st, 2018 and is expected to be completed by April 30th, 2020.


Carbon-NanoWeld presents the industrial development of an innovative technical carbon fabric, the NanoWeld® fabric, with a revolutionary strength-weight ratio (SWR) compared to currently commercially available carbon fabrics.
The general objective of the project is the research and development for optimizing the technical properties of NanoWeld® as a commercial product to the market and for designing a full-scale industrial production of the novel, NanoWeld® carbon fabric. The superior technical properties of NanoWeld® are based on the introduction of additional effective load-transfer mechanisms, which excessively enhance fabrics performance and eventually CFRP composite strength. In the lamina level, NanoWeld® creates a fractal structure, which effectively transfers the load imitating structures that serve nature for millions of years so far, such as feathers.


Carbon-NanoWeld is coordinated by AmaDema in partnership with the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics of Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Carbon-NanoWeld aims to involve the project’s young postdoctoral researchers in original, high-tech industrial research work in the field of advanced polymer nano-composite materials through novel activities of material design, processing, and experimental evaluation. The proposed work is expected to significantly contribute to AmaDema’s R&D activities as well as its establishment in local & EU market.

Get familiar with NanoWeld Technology at the following link

NanoWeld Assembled Renders

Carbon NanoWeld Line


R2R Ultrasonic Welding.jpg

CNW Assemble.png

Carbon NanoWeld Line

Industrial Prototype



Project News


May 1st: Launch of the project

May 1st: Initiation of Dissemination Strategy and Implementation

May 17th: Kick off Meeting at AmaDema

July 17th: Consortium Meeting 2 at AmaDema

August 1st: Initiation of Technology Mapping and Market Analysis

September 11th – 12th: The team attended ISD 2018, Industrial Space Days, in ESTEC Noordwijk, The Netherlands, to promote Carbon-NanoWeld and meet potential customers and suppliers.

September 25th: Consortium Meeting 3 at AmaDema

October 31st8: Launch of Project’s website.

November 23rd: Consortium Meeting 4 at CUT


January: Launch of Custom Made Nanofiber process setup

March 12th to 14th: Visit in JEC World 2019 in Paris

March 31st: Market Analysis Completion | Technology Mapping Completion

April 8: Consortium Meeting 5 at AmaDema

April 25: Dissemination Strategy Completion | Completion of the rest of deliverables

April 30: Custom Made Nanofiber process demonstration

May 2019: Project Intermediate Report submission

July 2019: Contribution with presentation to the MECHCOMP 2019, 5th International Conference on Mechanics of Composites June 1st to 4th Lisbon, Portugal

Aug 2019: NanoFiber and NanoWeld process Mechanical Design and Setup

Sep 2019: Consortium Meeting 6 at AmaDema

Oct 2019: Marketing Strategy and Business Plan Optimization

Nov 2019: Contribution with presentation to the 22nd International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS22) in Wuhan, China in Oct 31st to Nov 3rd, 2019

Dec2019: Completion of NanoFibers Testing and Beginning of Panels Manufacturing to be tested


February: Preparation for JEC World 2020 in Paris - 1st time as exhibitor

March 12th to 14th: JEC World 2019 in Paris was cancelled

March 31st: Finishing Manufacturing of CFRP and NanoWeld-CFRP panels

April: Consortium Meeting 7 - Teleconference

April 30: Virtual AmaDema Open-Day for Carbon NanoWeld Demo

May: One month extension has been given to the project due to COVID 19

June: Successful completion of Mechanical Testing of CFRP and NanoWeld-CFRP specimens

June: Reporting and Submission of scientific results in journal publication

July: Deliverables, Final Scientific and Financial Reports were submitted

September: Awaiting for project evaluation and closure

Jun: Scientific evaluation was successfully completed with “Category B - Very Good”.