ECHOLAYER is funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation of the Republic of Cyprus under the “ENTERPIRSES” Grant, Call 0223, Program “RESEARCH IN ENTERPRISES” of RESTART 2016-2020. The project was launched in November 1st, 2023 and is expected to be completed by October 31st, 2025.

Project Summary

ECHOLAYER aims to exploit the inherent sound attenuation properties of nanofiber veils (or nonwoven fabrics/membranes) already developed by AmaDema for other applications, to investigate, develop and introduce a new line of soundproofing textiles to the market. AmaDema has been developing nanofiber veils using electrospinning for a range of applications and has accumulated significant experience in their production and characterization. AmaDema is now aiming to reach at least TRL 6 by modelling and testing the developed nanofabric veils in relevant environments as well as demonstrating their performance when integrated in existing acoustic solutions. The following general objectives (GOs) reflect the vision of ECHOLAYER.

GO I: To develop a high performing sound absorbing nanofiber veil, for enhancing the performance of current acoustic insulation products such as curtains, panels, and wall claddings.

GO II: To expand AmaDema’s material database with new, ecofriendly polymeric nanofibers that can be exploited as sound insulation materials.

GO III: To promote and commercialize a new class of advanced acoustic insulating nanofabrics and open new markets for exploiting current competencies in nanofiber production.



Project News


Nov: Project Launch

Nov: Kick-off meeting at AmaDema


Jan: Technical meeting #1

Feb: Technical meeting #2