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Fibrous-MultiFoam is funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of the Republic of Cyprus under the “POST-DOC” Grant, Call 09/2016, Program “POST-DOC” of RESTART 2016-2020. The project was launched in November 1st, 2018 and is expected to be completed by October 31st, 2021.

This project investigates the functionality of different epoxy foaming systems and their consolidation within the interlayer (the area between two successive fibrous plies) of multilayer fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structures.

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Different types of nano-reinforcements are investigated in order to particularly enhance the properties of the foamed interlayer depending on the desired final application. Properties such as flammability, thermal & electrical conductivity, water resistance, and mechanical strength can be tailored and drive the development of novel FRP multilayer structures for various applications in construction, aviation, shipping, automotive, energy, sports, and other industries.

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The utilization of different and novel types of nano-reinforcements is the key driver for effectively tailoring foamed multilayer polymer composites. Fibrous-MultiFoam project develops property-driven, tailor-made foamed FRP composites in order to address different properties of particular applications.

Fibrous-MultiFoam is coordinated by AmaDema in partnership with the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics of Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Fibrous-MultiFoam will investigate a variety of combinations of epoxy foams and nano-reinforcements through a series of experiments for addressing properties such as flammability, thermal & electrical conductivity, water resistance, and mechanical strength.


Project News


Nov: Project Launch, Consortium Meeting - 1

Dec: Literature Review and Material Requirements Working Package Initiation


Jan : New equipment planning and purchasing

May: Testing Equipment Delivery (Flammability, Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Conductivity, Water Permeability Aparratus)

Jun: Consortium Meeting – 2

Jul: Selection of Foaming Systems

Aug: Literature Review Completion – Draft 1

Sep: Abstract Submission, Global Conference on POLYMERS, PLASTICS and COMPOSITES (PPC-2020)

Sep: Fabrication process familiarization with foaming systems – Initiation

Nov: Fabrication of nano-reinforced foaming systems


Jan: Abstract Submission, ECCM