NanoPro is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (Project: INNOVATE/0719/0011)”. The project was launched in June 15th, 2020 and is expected to be completed by June 15th, 2022.

The main title of NanoPro is: Industrial Production and Commercialization of NanoWeld®- enhanced technical Fabrics

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Having extensively worked on the development of NanoWeld, both as a material and as a processing technology, AmaDema is aiming through NanoPro to reach TRL 8 by scaling up production and facilitating the wider adoption of the technology by the global market as well as matching currently expressed demands from international customers.

NanoPro aims to ultimately reach the desired TRL through the following key activities:

  1. To design, develop and certify an industrial prototype machine for processing NanoWeld technical fabrics, with sufficient capacity to meet currently expressed demand;
  2. To design and implement a novel feedback control system with online adaptation and learning capabilities of non-linear process dynamics, for the newly developed machine in order to control: i) temperature, ii) pressure and iii) speed of the line.
  3. To promote and commercialize NanoWeld to the global market in order to increase customer portfolio and attract further investments.
  4. To significantly increase the capacity of production and accelerate the commercialization of NanoWeld textiles both through in house and licensing business models

NanoPro comprises the final stage of a long term roll out plan that has been set up by AmaDema and supported through a series of successful RIF funded projects (Carbon-NanoWeld ENTERPRISES/0916/0030 – Completed and b. Roll’n’Roll ENTERPRISES/0618/0051 – In progress).

The development to the present project comprises of the following steps in terms of projects and their duration:

Lab Scale Production: Carbon-NanoWeld (Year 2 & 3)

Pilot Production: Roll‘n’Roll (Year 3 & 4)

Industrial Scale Prototype Production: NanoPro (Year 4 & 5)

NanoPro Team


Main Role: Non Linear Control Development, Software Development, Analytics

PHOEBE is a small-medium enterprise (SME) that deals with the development and deployment of cloud-enabled cyber-physical systems and services, helping infrastructure owners to enhance efficiency, reliability, security and quality of their services and interaction with their customers. PHOEBE's vision is to make smart technologies accessible to industrial operators. PHOEBE's mission is to design cloud-based software and hardware solutions by combining state-of-the art research outcomes from the fields of automatic (intelligent) control, computational and artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, logic-based reasoning and crowdsourcing, towards addressing challenges related to energy efficiency, waste reduction and security enhancement. PHOEBE comprises a dynamic team of high-profile graduates (majority are PhD holders) with long experience in research and technological innovation, specifically in the areas of monitoring and control of large-scale systems, infrastructure security, fault diagnosis and risk assessment, semantic interoperability and reasoning, as well as optimization, machine learning and computational intelligence).


Main Role: Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Materials

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a recently established public university founded in 2003, and one of the three state universities in Cyprus. CUT’s strategic target is the design and development of research activities both within the University and in cooperation with other research Institutes in Cyprus and abroad. CUT aims at transferring knowledge (education) and producing new knowledge through basic and applied research in all academic fields of the University. For the needs of this project mechanical tests will take place on the 150kN Lloyds testing frame led by Dr. S. Yiatros from the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, and material characterization tests will be performed on the Quanta 200 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) of the Μicro/Nano-mechanics of materials Laboratory led by Dr G. Constantinides from the Department of Mechanical Eng. & Material Science & Eng.


Main Role: Prototype Operation, Demonstration, and Competitive Analysis

The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) is a non-profit international business school established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of leading academics representing some of the world’s best business schools. The aim of CIIM has been to draw on the best faculty in graduate management education, irrespective of location, making their talent and experience available in Cyprus. What is more, CIIM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (ENTICE) facilitates, through the provision of specialized consulting services, education and mentoring, the creation and acceleration of innovative new ventures and the improvement of the competitiveness of existing enterprises. CIIM has an international research department, undertaking research in its five pillars of Expertise: Economics and Finance, Business marketing and strategy, Education and Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Energy Economics and Environmental Management.

NanoPro is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (Project: INNOVATE/0719/0011)”.

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Project News


Jun: Launch of the project

Jul: Kick off Meeting

Jul: Initiation of Dissemination Strategy and Implementation

Jul: Set up Biweekly consortium meetings

Sept: Arrival of industrial electrospinning unit

Sept: Consortium meeting 3 Technical & Business

Oct: Electrospinning machine calibration and first trial runs

Oct: Optimization of Nanofiber production subsystem

Nov: Mechanical Design of up-scale Roll-to-Roll Production Module

Dec: Optical characterization of electrospun Nanofabrics


Jan: Tensile testing of nanofabrics

Jan: Initiation of Business model assessment and financial planning

Feb: Hardware & Electronics selection for controller

Mar: Trials for production of new NanoWeld® systems

May: Non-linear controller under Development

June: AmaDema joined a virtual event during JEC 2021 with a virtual booth

July: Submission of Interim and Scientific and Financial Reports | Completion of Deliverables related with Interim Report

Sep: Testing and characterization of new nanofiber systems.

Oct: Completion of new NanoWeld systems parametric study.

Oct: Mechanical design upgrade and optimisation of R2R machine and selection of critical process parameters.

Dec: Consortium meeting, technical and business to assess up to date results and re-evaluate next steps.


Jan: Completion of nanofiber production database.

Feb: Optimization of database linking NanoWeld systems to optimum manufacturing parameters.

Mar: Technical drawing demonstration and final review of NanoPro industrial scale production line.

May: Exhibiting in JEC2022.

Jun: Project Extension to November 2022.

Oct: Completion of machine development and demonstration.

Oct-Nov: Exhibiting in Composites Madrid 2022, Airtech 2022, Advanced Engineering 2022

Nov: In depth personnel training in advanced manufacturing techniques of composite materials.


Jan: Submission of technical deliverables, final scientific and financial reports.

Mar: Completion of technical evaluation.